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NR-7 Communication
NR7 is the leading public relations agency for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship in Brazil
3tentos is recognised with the More Integrity Seal by the Ministry of Agriculture.
AACD - Association for Assistance to Disabled Children, the work of a visionary, Dr Renato da Costa Bomfim, who, inspired by the technological evolution of rehabilitation centres abroad, created a similar structure in Brazil.
We are a non-profit civilian association aimed at promoting quality of life for the entire Naval Family. Social projects, discounts in commercial establishments, health plans, insurance, own courses and schools complement actions already carried out by the Brazilian Navy.
The Association of Employees of the Tejofran Group (ACGT) is a non-profit entity, which has been in existence for over 30 years and its main objective is to bring together the employees of the Tejofran Group (Tejofran, Power Segurança, Power Systems, Trail Infraestrutura and Consórcios).
AEP - Association of Polytechnic Engineers
The AEP - Association of Polytechnic Engineers - carries out activities in conjunction with the Polytechnic School of USP, in order to create a link between the engineers undergraduates and the educational institution
The Association of Civil Servants of the State of São Paulo, AFPESP, stands out as the largest associative institution in Latin America, with 246 thousand associates civil servants municipal, state and federal in the territory of São Paulo. Always watching over and respecting what its statute states, the services are focused on promoting the quality of life of its members in the areas of sports, leisure, recreation, culture, health and education.
AIESEC is not only the largest international organization fully run by young people, it is the largest youth leadership movement in the world! It was created in 1948 after the second war as one of the solutions to avoid similar conflicts through multiculturalism and youth leadership development. Today we are present in more than 120 countries, we have more than 2000 members only in Brazil, we make more than 6000 exchanges (yes, SIX THOUSAND!) per year and we have partnerships with more than 100 organizations. All this with one goal: to achieve the fulfillment of human potential through leadership development in young people!
A world leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and healthcare, Air Liquide is present in 80 countries with approximately 66,000 employees and serves more than 3.6 million customers and patients*. Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen are molecules essential to life, matter and energy. They embody Air Liquide's scientific territory and have been at the core of its activities since the company's foundation in 1902.
We are a community of companies that seeks to improve the business environment in Brazil. Our members are in 15 cities throughout Brazil and represent 33% of the national GDP. As the largest American Chamber outside the USA - among 117 in the world - our purpose is to prepare your company for the future through content, benchmarking, strategic networking and training.
AMMO Retail
A dream structure, AMMO Varejo brings together the largest retail chains and market leaders in the bed, table, bathroom and decoration segment in Brazil - mmartan and ARTEX (together, the brands have 221 shops) - and is one of the companies of the Coteminas Group, one of the largest textile companies in the world.
The Federal ANAJUSTRA (National Association of the Servers of the Federal Judiciary) is an association that represents the servants of the Judiciary Power of the Union (PJU), of the Federal, Electoral, Military and Labor Courts, besides the Councils and Superior Courts, thus congregating the whole category.
ANOREG-BR is the only entity of the class with legitimacy, recognized by the constituted powers, to represent the holders of notary and registration services in Brazil in any instance or Court, operating in harmony and direct cooperation with other similar associations, mainly with Member Institutes and Unions, representing the specialties.
The Paraná Association of Occupational Medicine - APAMT was founded on September 2, 1974 with the objective of congregating the Occupational Doctors in the State of Paraná and also with the intention of stimulating interest in the specialty, its dissemination and improvement; as well as to defend professional ethics, promote events, carry out studies and maintain the exchange with other colleagues in the area.
Benefits Club ASAclub - ASAclub is a non-profit entity representing typical state careers.
It is an association for Public Servants, which for over 35 years has promoted health, well-being, leisure and safety for Servers and their families. There are more than 16 Collective Benefits, Programs, Medical and Dental Assistance Basic Outpatient, Partnerships and Agreements, with various activities.
Avenue Code is the premier software consulting agency focused on delivering end-to-end digital transformation solutions for enterprise organizations of all types. Many Fortune 100 companies have been guided by us through software innovation since we opened for business in 2008.
A Brazilian fintech, founded in 2017 with the mission to help transform the financial lives of Brazilians.
For over 65 years, Adeste has promoted progress in the sectors in which it operates with innovative solutions, impacting people's quality of life and pleasure of living. Currently, they market to more than 40 countries and we are present in the areas of: Food, Health and Animal Nutrition
Adventures & Jones
We are a venture builder operating at the frontier of innovation and marketing markets, transforming businesses to meet the biggest challenge of the 21st century.
Afferolab, for over 20 years, has used learning to positively impact companies' results. With a digital vision and connected to the future,
Afresp - São Paulo State Income Tax Agents Association, founded on February 28th, 1948, has the objective of providing quality of life to its members, Income Tax Agents and their families, through the administration of exemplary health care services, legal, social security and insurance support, leisure and sports activities, besides exclusive benefits, such as agreements in several areas.
Independent energy producer, Albioma develops, with unique competence, its two core activities: thermal biomass, solar and geothermal energy
It is a financial services company, specialising in benefits, incentives and corporate expense management.
All Plats
They create, implement and manage advantage clubs and loyalty programmes whose main objectives are to attract, win and keep customers and employees.
Allied Technology
It is a technology company. With 9,200 SKUs, they market over 7.9 million products a year. Since 2001, they have been bringing the digital universe within everyone's reach through retail, services and distribution.
Allonda is an engineering company focused on environmental solutions. We have our own team of expert engineers and experience of over 500 projects executed. Currently there are about 1,500 employees in Brazil and Latin America, working for clients from different industries and infrastructure sectors.
Ally Hub
The Ally Hub is an incredible tool, with a great interface that allows our institution to connect with partners around the world quickly and assertively.
Customised platform according to the tastes of each employee, they indicate where they want benefits and our team goes after them to close the partnership. And you can count on us to help you engage, we create communications to tell you all the news and unmissable opportunities.
Ancar Ivanhoe
Ancar Ivanhoe is one of the leading companies in the shopping mall industry, with nearly 50 years of operations and national presence. One of the pioneering companies in the shopping mall market in the country and the only one in the sector for almost 15 years in the ranking of the Best Companies to Work For
At Arjo we want to empower movement in healthcare environments is essential for quality care. Products and solutions are designed to promote a safe and dignified experience through patient handling, medical beds, personal hygiene, disinfection, diagnostics and prevention of pressure injuries and venous thromboembolism.
Arkema, global manufacturer of special materials, is present in Brazil with 400 employees, 5 production units, 3 laboratories, 11 distribution centres and 3 commercial subsidiaries. The Group's main customers in the country operate in the construction, plastics, coatings, paints, refrigeration, packaging, oil, gas, automotive and transport sectors. These high-potential areas are constantly growing in the 9th largest economic power in the world.
Sabesp Association
Founded in 1972, the Sabesp Association aims to promote quality of life and integration of employees and partners through cultural, sports, social and leisure activities and support to social responsibility actions.
In 1988, a group of public servants and employees of the São Paulo Judiciary in Baixada Santista discussed the need to build an entity that would represent the category of public servants of the Judiciary Branch of the State of São Paulo based on the principles of defense of the workers, companionship and independence of its actions.
Atento, Interfile, Interservicer and R Brasil
Atento is a multinational contact centre company owned by the venture capital fund Bain Capital, incorporated on 7 December 1999 and present in the following countries: Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.
A pioneer in decarbonisation services and products, our commitment to the future extends to carbon neutrality for our organisation, as well as for our customers and partners. Together, we are a force pushing the boundaries of scientific and technological excellence to ensure that everyone can live, work and prosper sustainably in a secure information space.
Avantia has been working with integrated solutions in technology and engineering since 1998, with several projects implemented in public and private companies.
Digio Bank
Digio is more than a digital bank. We are a bantech, after all, we have the solidity of a bank and the agility of a fintech. Launched in 2016, the Digio credit card is zero annuity and has complete management through the app in a simple and real-time way.
Benefits Club
Blinks Essence
Blinks Essence is a specialist digital media, data and technology agency. Since 2009, it delivers excellence in digital solutions, from strategy to operation, supported by a robust hub of tools and a highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals. With global reach, we represent the Latam operation of Essence, also from WPP Group, and are a solid business partner for our clients.
A Brazilian company with 70 years of activity in the hygiene and cleaning industry. Owner of renowned brands such as Limpol, Mon Bijou, Sapólio Radium, Kalipto, Pinho Bril, and Pratice, it has made its main product, steel wool, synonymous with category and absolute leader in the Brazilian market.
Boom Card
We are a company specializing in the development of Benefit Clubs, which provide advantages and discounts. We carry out the implementation of partnerships and management of benefits for companies, associations, class entities, clubs, educational and religious institutions.
Brink's is a global leader in total cash management, secure logistics and payment solutions including cash transportation, ATM services, cash management services (vault outsourcing, cash processing and intelligent security services) and international cash transportation. Our customers include financial institutions, retailers, government agencies, jewellers and other commercial operations around the world. Our global operating network present in 53 countries serves clients in more than 100 countries around the world.
We are Brivia Group, emerging guided by a genuinely digital mindset and backed by a great creative reputation to deliver strategy, experience and communications to clients seeking to achieve more results in the new digital economy.
More than half a century of history has given Brognoli the necessary experience to take the lead in the real estate market in Greater Florianópolis.
The Lawyers' Assistance Fund of Minas Gerais (CAA/MG), created in 1942, is the social arm of OAB/MG. It is a charitable, non-profit entity whose purpose is to assist, in various ways, Minas Gerais lawyers, trainees and their dependents.
The Rio de Janeiro State Lawyers' Assistance Fund (Caarj) was created in 1942 in accordance with Decree-Law 4563, signed by the former President of the Republic Getúlio Vargas, who authorized the Brazilian Bar Association to institute Assistance Funds for lawyers and their dependents. With its own regulations, the Fund is structured to provide services, offer benefits and provide moments of leisure, culture, entertainment and physical activity for the class.
Created by the Federal Council of the Brazilian Bar Association on 5 February 1948, the CAASC - Lawyers' Assistance Fund of Santa Catarina, has, from the outset, demonstrated its commitment to providing support to lawyers by making a wide range of services available to its members. With the huge responsibility of acting as the social arm of the Bar Association, many paths have been traced and the road travelled so far honours the colleagues who are part of this history.
CAASP is a non-profit charitable organization, with its own legal personality and assets, financial and administrative autonomy, headquartered in the Capital of São Paulo, at Rua Benjamin Constant, 75 - Downtown, and operating throughout the State of São Paulo. Its statutory purpose is to provide social assistance to lawyers and trainees regularly enrolled at OAB SP and their respective dependents, as defined in its Statute.
The Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) is a non-profit civil association that promotes sustainable development through articulation with governments and civil society, in addition to disseminating the most current concepts and practices on the subject. It is the representative in Brazil of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) network, which has nearly 60 national and regional councils in 36 countries and 22 industrial sectors, in addition to 200 business groups that operate on all continents.
CI&T is your end-to-end digital transformation partner. A digital native, we bring a 26-year track record of accelerating business impact through complete and scalable digital solutions.
The Colégio Notarial do Brasil - São Paulo Section is a class entity, founded in 1951, which represents the notaries public of the state of São Paulo. Today, the CNB/SP has over 600 notaries public associated with it. In addition to providing an exchange of knowledge among the notarial class, the association also provides its members with updated technical information for daily research in order to facilitate the notaries' production process".
The Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC) is a non-governmental organization of private right that works in the technical-administrative management of sports, acting in the development of the Olympic sports in Brazil , with autonomy guaranteed by the Brazilian Constitution.
CRECISP - Regional Council of Real Estate Brokers of the State of São Paulo
The Credit Cash is the company that has grown the most in recent years when it comes to call center companies. We conquered a portfolio with more than 40 customers, the result of much effort and dedication to perform our work with excellence. We are always connected to what is most modern in the market, to improve our work and provide the best tools to our employees.
Cashew Benefits
Caju is a technology company that is the fruit of Brazilian entrepreneurship for those who see people behind their employees.
Camino Education
It supports schools and educators around the world to promote education for the future.
The Carrefour Brazil Group is the largest food retail group in Brazil. More than a large retailer, we are a business ecosystem. We offer various formats to serve different market segments and to be present in the lives and routines of our consumers. Our varied formats serve different audiences: Atacadão, Carrefour Hiper, Carrefour Bairro, Carrefour Market and Carrefour Express, in addition to the Atacadão and Carrefour e-commerce operations. To make the shopping experience complete, we count on Carrefour Drogarias and Carrefour Posto and the support of the businesses of Banco Carrefour and Carrefour Property.
House of Translation
House of Translation
Casio Computer Co., Ltd. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of consumer electronics products and business equipment solutions. Since its founding in 1957, CASIO has worked to maintain the corporation's principle of "creativity and contribution" by launching innovative products.
Com vendas e receitas na ordem de 67,1 bilhões de dólares em 2023, a Caterpillar Inc. é a fabricante líder mundial de equipamentos de construção e mineração, motores diesel e a gás natural não rodoviários, turbinas industriais a gás e locomotivas diesel-elétricas.
Catho is a Brazilian website for job classifieds. Its headquarters is located in Barueri, in the state of São Paulo. With the main objective of facilitating hiring, the site works as a channel between candidates seeking new opportunities and companies and HR consultancies seeking candidates.
Cellera Farma
It aims to bring innovation and benefits in an accelerated manner to a constantly growing market.
Cencosud S.A. is a Chilean multinational business consortium that operates in several South American countries, mainly in the retail sector, controlled by Horst Paulmann. This company currently competes in Brazil with GPA, Carrefour and the BIG Group.
Paula Souza Center
The Paula Souza Center (CPS) is an autarchy of the Government of the State of São Paulo, linked to the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation. Present in 363 municipalities, the institution manages 224 Technical Schools (Etecs) and 76 State Technology Colleges (Fatecs), with more than 316,000 students in high school technical and higher technological courses.
Florence Clinic
The Florence Clinic was born with the purpose of caring, in an innovative way, with empathy and humanization, for patients in transitional care (Rehabilitation and Palliative Care). It offers a proposal of integral care to the legitimate needs of patients and their families, in their physical, psychological, spiritual and social dimensions, carried out by a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, made up of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, nutritionists, occupational therapists, psychologists and social workers
Mult Imagem Clinic
The Mult Imagem Clinic specializes in Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging exams and has 31 years of tradition, being recognized for its pioneering history in the main technologies of the area and, above all, respect for professionals and patients, working with quality and efficiency.
Club Ben
Idealized by professionals who breathe marketing and internet, our strategy is based on excellence in providing traffic and leads to generate real results in digital marketing actions. Our mission is to provide intelligent and high performance services, generating audience, business and exceeding the expectations of our clients.
Club Right
Clube Certo More than a discount club, the right solution to attract and retain members, affiliates and employees.
Holiday Club Benefits
A company that for over 33 years has been dedicated to excellence in providing the best benefits for non-profit entities. Today in our portfolio we count on more than 20,000 entities among unions, class associations, cooperatives, benefit cards, NGOs, etc. Always seeking the best opportunity to benefit in all sectors such as Culture, Leisure, Education, Intelligent Consumption, Entertainment, among others.
Business Concept
Operating in the entire national market since 1989, we are one of the largest providers of integrated corporate management solutions (ERP) in Brazil, with over 14,000 clients in the Wholesale Distribution, Industry, Retail, Services and Agribusiness segments.
Configr hosts and manages your websites and emails in Cloud Server without you needing technical knowledge about servers. Everything will be configured and managed automatically so you can invest in what really matters to your business. We serve companies of all sizes, from small to large players in the market.
They develop technology that automates and promotes efficiency in the people management area so that they spend less time on bureaucracy and more time on people development.
Cotabox is a procurement platform that integrates those involved in sourcing in an agile and easy way.
Itaú Cube
Cubo Itaú is an international community that, since 2015, has curated startups in the traction phase and with high scalability potential to boost business and the economy.
We develop integral solutions for the Marketing and Human Resources area that aim at the loyalty and fidelity of the company's external and internal clients.
France-Brazil Chamber of Commerce
France-Brazil Chamber of Commerce (CCIFB) brings together more than 770 members
delaware is a fast-growing global company offering advanced solutions and services for organisations seeking a sustainable competitive advantage.
Dennis Group
Since our founding in 1987, Dennis Group has focused on designing and building food processing facilities. We have developed a talented, multi-disciplinary team capable of executing complete design-build projects from planning to start-up, or acting as an extension of our clients' engineering team, assisting in specific areas.
Dersalis performs vital signs analysis for operational risk management in real time.
Devout Auditoria e Contabilidade Ltda. offers to its customers a set of services, which differentiates it in the market.
The Dois5f is a technology company for managing benefits that emerged to revolutionize the industry in Brazil. Our proposal is to add value for our customer through Advantage Clubs customized for each company. Everyone wins: the entrepreneur strengthens its brand, the partner promotes its services and the user saves money. The Dois5f is still the only company in Brazil that the customer wins commission on what is sold in the Club. Innovation is our motto.
Dynamus Club
For a decade we have been a corporate benefits platform delivering excellent offers, differentiated service and exclusive negotiations for trade associations.
Espro - Professionalizing Social Education is a non-profit organization that provides professional training for the inclusion of young people in the labor market. Founded in 1979, through the initiative of Rotary Club units, Espro has social transformation as its essence, as it trains and directs to the world of work more than 24 thousand young people per year.
Atlas Schinder Lifts
Atlas Schindler Elevators, part of the Swiss Schindler Group, is considered the best brand in its segment in Brazil according to PINI, the main research on suppliers of civil construction in the country. The company has two factories, one in Londrina and another in São Paulo, more than 5000 employees and 150 service stations throughout Brazil.
Embraer has become the third largest manufacturer of commercial jets (executive, agricultural, and military) in the world, and a manufacturer of aerospace parts, services, and support in the area. It is the absolute leader in the segment up to 130 seats. To meet global demands, it established industrial units, offices, and distribution centers for parts and services in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
Esporte Clube Pinheiros
Founded in 1899 with an area of 170 thousand m², 80 thousand m² of which are green areas, Pinheiros is the largest multi-sports club in Latin America, in addition to being one of the greatest champions in various sports, being responsible for 12 Brazilian Olympic medals. Trainer and supporter of top-level athletes, Pinheiros also seeks excellence in sports, culture and leisure for its more than 39,000 members. A daily schedule of sports, social and cultural events is available to members of all ages, such as movies, shows, plays, exhibitions and lectures.
EUROIMMUN Brasil produces reagents for medical laboratory diagnostics and is a world leader in the segment, a subsidiary of the German EUROIMMUN AG, the company originated with the innovative technology "IFA BIOCHIP Mosaic" and has contributed with new technologies such as ELISA and Western & ImmunoBlot. For 30 years in the world market and more than 6 years in Brazil, EUROIMMUN, world leader in solutions for laboratory diagnosis, provides versatile solutions for diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, infectious, allergic, antigen detection and molecular diagnosis, through the methods of Immunofluorescence, ELISA, Immunoblot and Molecular Biology.
Agents of transformation in the financial services sector. We offer innovative solutions in an agile, practical and secure manner.
The Faster team focuses its efforts on making the extraordinary happen by bringing creative processes into the 21st century, and we rely on technology to connect great brands with amazing professionals around the world. Our community of creatives helps teams produce design and communication materials quickly and purposefully, so your company can focus on making the extraordinary happen.
Through software installed on computers, Fhinck reads the user's experience with the technology used in their daily activities. Quantifying times, clicks and navigation in real time. Using statistical modeling and data science to identify where there are the greatest opportunities and gains, increasing team performance and the operational efficiency of each activity.
An intuitive, fast, innovative and socially responsible platform that allows you to consolidate all the benefits in one flexible solution.
Forum Model
Forum Agency is different from the others you know. We are a family, yes, but we are not a family company. And that is an advantage for companies that, like us, are attentive to a post-modern management of business and people. We operate in the Curitiba market since 2014 and recently opened a branch in Londrina-PR, developing our biggest commitments: a model agency work with quality, applying new concepts of career and above all with excellence in service.
Foursys has services that meet the different moments, needs and challenges of its clients, regardless of the stage of the life cycle of their solutions or the journey by these proposed to the market. Check below our main services:
GO Integro
At GOintegro we develop employee-centric Human Resources products that help strengthen the culture of their organizations. Over 130 people in 13 countries work passionately to develop our technology and deliver the service to over 500 companies across Latin America, reaching over 1 million employees.
The CGM Group has expanded its structure and offers a new concept in integrated logistics solutions for various market segments.
It is the leading communications company in the region and is constantly growing and developing. Seeking innovative and sustainable solutions is in their DNA.
Gloss Model
With transparency, innovation and technology is born in São Paulo GLOSS MODEL, agency for Models, Actors, Talents and Influencers. Differentiated, the agency aims to polish talents and transform them into new opportunities and personal achievements. We also offer Workshops and Courses in the areas of Fashion, Agency, MKT, Personal Branding aiming the transformation of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values of our talents.
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