Language training for the food and beverage sector

Leveling up with AI:
Find out the level of your team in 3 minutes
Collect data in real time to present results
Maximize ROI:
Turn investment into fluency, innovation and global success

Engage your employees in an immersive language program focused on the food sector!

Enable your team to communicate confidently and effectively with international clients, meeting diverse language needs, building strong relationships and using professional vocabulary with precision.

Communicates simple tasks in progress and completed, understands recurring expressions related to their area of work and understands simple and direct requests.

Performs basic tasks and follows simple procedures/methods,
as Cold Chain.

He presents himself formally and informally, and asks simple questions.

Engages in simple communications about operational matters in the sector.

Participates productively as a listener
in operational meetings.

Reports problems related to equipment or procedures in the sector.

He shares his professional experiences in the sector.

Able to discuss and understand complex and technical subjects, communicate spontaneously and fluently, and take part in in negotiations.

He takes part in meetings on topics relating to daily operations, such as Hazard Analysis
and Critical Control Points.

Contributes to discussions on projects
that cover some technical terms.

Assists with short reports on
initiatives in the sector.

It interprets and processes sensitive data, such as
‍ShelfLife Analysis and Quality Control Metrics.

It presents projects and initiates discussions
techniques in the sector.

Participates in meetings sharing relevant metrics, such as Inventory Turnover.

Able to present results and projects, produce technical documents, take part in complex negotiations, lecture on their field, understand cultural nuances and lead native teams.

He contributes effectively to advanced technical discussions, such as innovations and Batch Cooking.

Prepares documents on the network's growth and expansion strategies.

Participates in initiatives, applying advanced concepts in the sector.

Leads technical teams.

Gerencia projetos estratégicos como, por exemplo, Quality Assurance and Enhancement.

Conduz negociações complexas, garantindo acordos favoráveis à rede em aspectos financeiros e relacionados a serviços.

Lingopass was named by HolonIQ in 2022 and 2023 as one of the top 100 edtechs, standing out as one of the most innovative solutions in the language learning segment.

Try these two complimentary classes
We invite you to immerse yourself in two of our contents beforehand.

student platform AND manager dashboard

You have access to the learning materials in the selected languages, as a student, and full management of the team's metrics and performance, as a manager.

Find out the level of English proficiency of your food and beverage team.
The test follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), and each question has a limit of 30 seconds to answer.
Average test time: 15 minutes
Take the test now
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