Why Lingopass?

Lingopass is an impactful Brazilian EdTech company focused on language teaching and talent development for the corporate, public and educational markets. Its mission is to leverage the potential of businesses, professionals in the job market and talents looking for opportunities by providing users with a personalized and effective language learning experience.
How Lingopass was born
Founded in 2021, Lingopass stands out for its personalized language learning programs, based on the principles of adaptive learning derived from research into artificial intelligence (AI) and education.

With this innovative approach, Lingopass helps companies better understand their employees' needs in terms of language skills and quickly equip them with the competencies they need to communicate more effectively, thus boosting their performance. This becomes even more important in a context of growing international hiring and transaction flows, where mastery of foreign languages has become essential.

Lingopass also contributes to better management of diversity and inclusion within companies. By helping employees to develop their language skills and communicate better with colleagues and clients from different cultures, it promotes an inclusive corporate culture and better mutual understanding.

Edtech has developed a data-driven SaaS platform that allows centralized access to various assessment, training, collaboration and progress and performance metrics monitoring tools in an integrated digital interface, accessible via computer and mobile: large-scale leveling, micro-learning pills by industry and objectives, language upskilling through live classes and adaptive tracks that mold to the users' personality profile, boosting motivation, completion rates and certification. The solution provides managers with transparency and control over the use of resources earmarked for Language Training and Development programs.

In addition, Lingopass makes its education platform available free of charge to professionals at the start of their careers or in transition, with the aim of improving their employability. This initiative aims to accelerate the hiring of high-potential talent in situations of structural unemployment, especially in emerging economies in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

The startup serves universities and multinationals in the areas of aviation, energy, logistics, agribusiness, technology, finance and services. It received investment from the Brazilian fund Domo Invest. Accelerated by AWS since its inception, the startup took part in the Endeavor Scale-Up program and is currently resident at the Itaú Cube in the District and at the Learning Village, the Anima group's innovation hub. Affiliated with ENS Paris Saclay, it was a finalist in "The EdTech Awards 2023" promoted by EdTech Digest, and is also on the list of the 100 most promising technology companies in the field of education, according to the ranking by the American consultancy HolonIQ.
Courses and training
Trained professionals
Partner Companies
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Lingopass Designers
Suzana Lordelo
Co-founder & Chief Learning Officer
"I believe that teaching languages is an important mission, as it provides a global showcase for Brazilian professionals. Learning a new language expands opportunities. With this, it becomes rewarding to contribute to the personal and professional development of students at Lingopass, opening paths for them to achieve their goals and dreams."
About Suzana
Alexandrine Brami
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
"I believe that transforming lives through education is a noble and impactful mission. For me, education is fundamental to personal and professional development and has a great impact on society. This transformation goes beyond the transmission of information and skills, changing trajectories and, in many cases, even saving lives."
About Alexandrine
Co-founder & Chief Product and Technology Officer
"An opportunity to transform language education for professionals, allowing individuals and companies to increase their horizons internationally, increasing productivity and establishing true relationships. It is the materialization of a personal purpose, to improve society through education+technology."
About Rodrigo
Our success stories
Brazilian army
more than 340 military personnel trained
2 years of partnership
Four language levels in 12 months - from A1 to B2
How the Brazilian Army trained its soldiers to act in French-speaking territories with the help of Lingopass.

he Brazilian Army is an active member of many interventions in foreign countries under the responsibility of the United Nations. Following the example of the latest campaign in Haiti, a country whose official languages are Haitian Creole and French, other countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Lebanon and the Central African Republic are among the probable destinations of Brazilian troops in future missions and have the use of French as one of the official or widely spoken languages in their national territories. Communicating with the local population is, then, an imperative for military personnel incorporated into these missions and, therefore, learning French is indispensable to them.

In 2017 and 2018, Lingopass delivered online French classes specifically aimed at military personnel, with material and content designed with this audience in mind, enabling them in record time to join foreign missions in the French-speaking world.

"About a year ago, I made a commitment to myself that I would learn French by the end of 2019. In that context, Lingopass has been my ally in learning, providing me with an excellent quality digital platform and online classes."
Lamonie Lemos - Brazilian Army Captain
38 senior executives + relatives trained
Four language levels in 12 months - focus on conversation and comprehension
Our mission was to train 38 top executives and their relatives in French and Portuguese to guarantee successful expatriation experience to each of them. As a solution, in addition to providing unlimited access to our e-learning service, we offered live conversation classes to the participants, created a tailor-made course to meet the demands of their respective professional markets, Business French, and even created a workshop for the group, Intercultural Management.

Thus, in 12 months, all were able to complete their training in French and Portuguese, focusing on comprehension and conversation, reaching level B1 in their respective languages.
50 magistrates trained
Three language levels in 10 months - focus on Legal French
Our challenge with the Regional Court of the 2nd São Paulo Region was to train 50 magistrates, including judges and auxiliary judges, in French. To this end, we offered unlimited access to our e-learning, live classes and even academic guidance for studies in France for those interested in carrying out their specialization in French lands. As a result, all participants graduated in A2 French, with a focus on writing and Legal French.
Motul company logo
of engagement in the first module delivered for Motul.
"We have trained our employees from level A1 (beginner) to level B1 (pre-intermediate) with Lingopass. Our focus was the increase in productivity made possible by communication in English. With Lingopass, a problem that used to be solved in 3 weeks by exchanging emails has now been solved in 5 minutes on the phone!"
Guillaume Pailleret - CEO

Global company with a distinctly French identity, Motul remains true to its roots while looking to the future. 1966 was the landmark year in Motul's quest for invention with the creation of Century 2100, the inaugural semi-synthetic oil, hailed throughout the automotive sphere as the industry's next catalyst for high performance. Using today's technology, 300V is considered the benchmark in motorsports.

A few years later, in parallel with its automotive business, Motul Tech developed metalworking fluids and high-performance lubrication products to meet the highly demanding needs of the world's growing industrial business.
Mkt4Edu company logo
of the team reached a level of professional fluency within 12 months.
"This year (2022), I and 20 of my colleagues from the team are already packing our bags to visit the Dubai operation. The Lingopass training program was a success"
Guillermo Tangari - COO

MKT4EDU is a Brazilian company, Elite Hubspot Parter, specialized in attraction and retention strategies for the education market. Last year (2021) it expanded internationally to Dubai and hired Lingopass to train its employees and make this operation possible.
of Fhinkers are being trained, with 100% engagement in the first month.
"We chose Lingopass to provide the same language course to all our employees, who are located in different regions of Brazil. Being able to follow the development of our employees and set goals was a differential for us to choose Lingopass."
Carol Tiseo - People & Culture Leader

Brazilian startup that uses artificial intelligence to increase the productivity of employees of other companies, optimizing resources of shared service centers, through data and insights. It works with data mining, shows time and movements of each day, main manual files used, repetition, complexity score and, from this, proposes improvements.

The solution does not aim at monitoring the employee's activity, as if it were a kind of janitorial service, but rather to offer each person on the team the opportunity to perform tasks in the most intelligent way possible.
Embraer company logo
of engagement of the team of 650 employees in training.
"We wanted a platform that could offer in one place interactive, personalized content and that would allow employees and tutors to interact in small groups. Added to this, data tracking has played a key role in demonstrating the real impact of the training on Embraer's day-to-day operations."
Angelica Paiva - L&D Manager

Embraer has become the third largest manufacturer of commercial jets (executive, agricultural and military) in the world, as well as a manufacturer of aerospace parts, services and support in the area. It is the absolute leader in the segment up to 130 seats. To meet global demands, it established industrial units, offices, and distribution centers for parts and services in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
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6 CEFR levels
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What do students say about Lingopass?
I am a financial consultant and a Master's student, I am studying French. This was the course that offered the best methodology. I have been studying for three weeks and I am really enjoying it.
Sheila Santos
Optei pelo curso depois de pesquisar muito em grupos e no YouTube e ver o quanto o curso é recomendado (inclusive por professores do idioma), o que me deixou muito animado e confiante. Iniciei o curso semana passada, mas já sinto uma evolução e vejo que todo dia melhoro mais e mais. Acho a plataforma de fácil entendimento e utilização e os recursos são variados.
Felipe Rogerio
I really like the platform, the course material, the social learning channel is always active and helps us keep in touch with the language.
Fernanda Forte
Not only are the teachers able to teach the language, they also do an impressive job of keeping the students motivated and engaged.
I am passionate about learning new things. With the pandemic came the opportunity to study remotely and the institute had the best learning offer, mixing live classes and online content. I have really benefitted from all the platforms and tips provided.
Claudio Andrade
I really like the platform, the content is well organized, diverse and entertaining. The course is very rich and well made! Congratulations!
Lucimara - RJ - Executive at a Fintech company
I have always worked in international organizations and foreign language skills are therefore a requirement for me. I chose to study languages to bring together my passion and professional needs. I chose the institute for the quality of the platform coupled with the option to join live classes every day.
The idea of studying as an ongoing experience within a learning community, articulating academic and professional skills, is brilliant! Love the course!
Lucia Gomes Pinheiro
I joined the course with a specific purpose in mind, but I am opening myself to so many new things and opportunities... I find the experience incredible and I recommend it.
Simoni Ferreira de Souza
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