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Engagement and Capacity Building
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Integration between national and international departments
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Sales to foreign prospects
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Operational Productivity
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Complete solution to leverage the performance of your collaborators

Get access to our program in 4 different languages (English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese for foreigners), online placement test, complete learning track, soft skills development, support team, real-time dashboards, reports on each employee's progress, classes, lectures, and much more.
Success Story
Embraer company logo
"We wanted a platform that could offer in one place interactive, personalized content and that would allow employees and tutors to interact in small groups. Adding to that, data tracking has played a key role in demonstrating the real impact of training on Embraer's day-to-day operations."
Angelica Paiva - L&D Manager
Embraer has become the third largest manufacturer of commercial jets (executive, agricultural, and military) in the world, and a manufacturer of aerospace parts, services, and support in the area. It is the absolute leader in the segment up to 130 seats. To meet global demands, it established industrial units, offices, and distribution centers for parts and services in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
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+19 MIL
hours of activities carried out on the Lingopass Platform.
of the team reached a level of professional fluency within 12 months.
Success Story
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"This year (2022), I and 20 other colleagues from the team are already packing our bags to visit the Dubai operation. The Lingopass training program was a success.
Guillermo Tangari - COO
MKT4EDU is a Brazilian company, Elite Hubspot Parter, specialized in attraction and retention strategies for the education market. Last year (2021) it expanded internationally to Dubai and hired Lingopass to train its employees and make this operation possible.
Fluent business communication for multinational teams
Improve the quality of communication in your company and train your employees in the desired languages in an uncomplicated way, with unlimited conversation classes and business vocabulary.

From basic to advanced in up to 1 year*.
The course length varies depending on the time invested in the studies by the student.
I want lingopass in my company
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Test your company's communication level here
From level A2
Can communicate simple tasks, both ongoing and completed, understand recurring phrases related to his/her field of work, and understand simple and direct requests.
of executives consider English to be the language of business
according to the British Council.
of Fhinkers are being trained, with 100% engagement in the first month.
Success Story
"We chose Lingopass to provide the same language course to all our employees, who are located in several regions of Brazil. Being able to follow the development of employees and set evolution goals was a differential for us to choose Lingopass."
Carol Tiseo - People & Culture Leader
A Brazilian startup that uses artificial intelligence to increase the productivity of employees of other companies, optimizing resources of shared service centers through data and insights. It works with data mining, shows time and movements of each day, main manual files used, repetition, complexity score and, from this, proposes improvements.

The solution does not aim to monitor the employee's activity, as if it were a kind of janitorial service, but to offer each person on the team the opportunity to perform tasks in the most intelligent way possible.
Agility in closing contracts and negotiations
Improve your argumentation in presentations using a foreign language and get a better chance of success in negotiations, as well as speed up internal processes for closing contracts.

From basic to advanced in up to 1 year*.
The course length varies depending on the time invested in the studies by the student.
I want lingopass in my company
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Test your sales team performance here
From level C1
He can present results and projects in a meeting, produce complex and technical texts on subjects in his field, and pitch and participate in complex sales processes.
Give your company the upgrade it needs
"64% of executives said that a lack of foreign language proficiency negatively affected their international expansion plans."
Business Insider
Success Story
Motul company logo
"We have trained our employees from level A1 (beginner) to level B1 (pre-intermediate) with Lingopass. Our focus was the increase in productivity made possible by communication in English. With Lingopass a problem that used to be solved in 3 weeks by email exchange has now been solved in 5 minutes by phone call!"
Guillaume Pailleret - CEO
A global company with a distinctly French identity, Motul remains true to its roots while looking to the future. 1966 was the landmark year in Motul's quest for invention with the creation of Century 2100, the inaugural semi-synthetic oil, hailed throughout the automotive sphere as the industry's next catalyst for high performance. Using today's technology, 300V is considered the benchmark in motorsports.

A few years later, in parallel with its automotive business, Motul Tech developed metalworking fluids and high-performance lubrication products to meet the highly demanding needs of the world's growing industrial business.
of engagement in the first module delivered for Motul.
Task and process optimization
Get foreign language processes, tasks and documentation resolved more efficiently and quickly by training your staff in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

From basic to advanced in 1 year*.
The course length varies depending on the time invested in the studies by the student.
I want lingopass in my company
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Test your team's agility here
From level B2
They will be able to discuss and understand complex and technical subjects, communicate spontaneously and fluently, and take part in negotiations.
Other advantages of Lingopass for managers and HR:
We offer customized licenses according to your company's needs.
For every 100 licenses purchased, one is donated to the Empowering Talents inclusion project.
Innovative methodology for faster results (PREPA).
Tracking metrics and study performance.
Lingopass certification on completion of each level.
Increased employee retention and satisfaction.
Over 1,500 partner companies and their employees trust Lingopass
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